Photography by Anderson Gould Jr.

Gerson "Callmegulliver" Archila is an artist, producer, and songwriter raised throughout various regions of Ontario in a Guatemalan household. Callmegulliver brings you a blend of Hip hop, Electronic, Latin and Pop, including instrumentation from all around the world, releasing both music with lyrics and instrumentals under Callmegulliver, reaching just over 560,000 streams on all platforms. If you include his song Co productions, Co writes and features that number is 1,074,000 as of July 2023. In 2015 Gerson graduated from the Independent Music Program at Seneca @ York. He used the skills and knowledge he had acquired from there to manage the artists Natasha Fisher (2016-2021), August Brodie (2018-2020), and The Evening After (2022-2023). The goal was to learn as much as possible to eventually be able to apply it to his own artistic career. In November of 2018, Callmegulliver released his first song Free which has gained 175,000 steams to date. Since then, Callmegulliver has released 5 instrumental albums, 2 albums with lyrics, and 4 singles totalling to 51 songs. In addition to his songs, he has released 4 accompanying music videos. In 2021, Callmegulliver was a recipient of the Music Recording Projects: Demo/EP grant from The Ontario Arts Council as well as the Factor Artist Development grant. These grants provided support for the creation, release, and marketing of 50 Gulliver Road, leading up to its release on May 27, 2022. 50 Gulliver Road is an 8-song debut album in collaboration with and featuring Canadian and International artists and producers. Most notably, Ayrah Taerb, Natasha Fisher, Victoria Gouveia, Lucho De Sedas, Juan De Sedas, Pakø, MixedbyGee, and Mixedbyms. Alongside the album, he is most proud of his recent music video for Love Like This, which was shot in Los Angeles by Anderson Gould Jr. and released on March 27th, 2023. Callmegulliver has landed on blogs such as Earmilk, The Word is Bond, Clout News, Yellow and Black, Uranium Wave and Caesar Live n Loud. In June 2023 Callmegulliver was selected for a Spotify Notable Studio Session where he recorded music for his upcoming projects. Starting in September of 2023, Callmegulliver is scheduled to release a single or EP every 4-6 weeks leading up to the rollout for his followup full-length album: Gulliver Park. Music for Gulliver Park is set to begin to release during the second half of 2024.